Kurt Elieson

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First Class requirement #6: Identify or show evidence of at least 10 kinds of native plants found in your community.

Greenbriar is nasty stuff. It has lots of thorns. Its vines are strong and do not easily break. It grows up into trees so you get thorns even at face level. It can grow into thick mats that literally make it impossible to get through a stand of trees. The pictures of greenbriar growing along a barbed wire fence are particularly appropriate. Poison ivy is the chemical menace, greenbriar is the thorny mechanical menace, and if you are having a particularly bad day you may just find them both growing together as in the last picture.

Greenbriar can grow in grassy fields, but it does best where it can climb up into trees. It sometimes grows so thick that it shade-kills the trees it is climbing on. It does best in the moister climate east of Dallas, but it also grows about as far west of Fort Worth as you can still find oak trees.

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