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First Class requirement #6: Identify or show evidence of at least 10 kinds of native plants found in your community.

Hollies are the bushes that stay green all winter and have red berries at Christmas-time. Most holly leaves are dark green, waxy, and have thorny points. Most of the bushes that get trimmed into shape are hollies. But if a bush has lots of yellow or red in the leaves, it is not a holly.

The fifth picture is of a Chinese holly. The thorny corners on this bush are downright unfriendly and make an effective fence.

The last three pictures are of Yaupon hollies. The lower branches are often trimmed off to make them look like small trees. Yaupon holly trunks are the opposite of crepe myrtles; up close a yaupon trunk is about as pretty as a camel's wrinkly knees.

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