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I no longer host commentary here in favor of contributing to the LDS scripture wiki at Feast Upon The Word.Org.

The wiki: (1) allows me to post material in small units, (2) enables other contributors to improve on what I post, and (3) permits readers to go to a single collaborative location rather than searching for material on several competing sites.

Here are several comments on the wiki that I think are worth visiting. Please join me in contributing

Gen 2:1-3: Symbolism of the Sabbath Day

Ruth: Symbolism of the bride and bridegroom in Ruth

Isaiah: The covenant of scattering and gathering

1 Ne 2:19-24: The Lord's covenant with Nephi

D&C 134: The relationship between church, state, and agency

Ether: Complete outline

Other Favorite Links

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Items Hosted Here on this Site

Searching the Scriptures for Doctrinal Understanding is a twelve page pdf handout that addresses the relation between searching and pondering, searching the scriptures in light of what we know about some of the biological bases of language and cognition, searching the scriptures in the manner of the ancient Jews, a sequence of exercises for gaining proficiency with patterned repetition in the scriptures, a self-test question that I often use to evaluate my undertanding of a scriptural passage, and a list of the types of resources I try to consult when studying a book of scripture. This is a significantly improved version of my earlier 2013 handout Searching and Pondering. (2016)

Helping Our Children to Develop Testimonies that Will Withstand Opposition is a ten page pdf of a talk I gave suggesting some ways that we can help our children to intelligently understand why they believe what they believe, to assess when teachings reflect official Church doctrine, and the extent to which they should allow unanswered questions to affect their testimonies. (2015)

Newspaper Texts display the full text of each book in a multi-column newspaper format along with headings that outline the text. These make it easier for me to see the relationships between blocks of text. These PDF's can be printed on a 36" wide continuous roll printer at FedEx Office and elsewhere for a little more than $10 for a 36" x 48" sheet. I create these in WordPerfect v.X4 with 5 point type on a user defined 18" x 24" page and then publish to PDF. To print, first define the page size (for example 36" x 48") and then print to fit the page at 200% enlargement (which yields 10 point type). To store I fanfold like a map, first vertically along the wide column breaks and then horizontally, to reduce to 9" x 12".

Old Testament

Old Testament Timeline is a single page pdf handout that correlates the four principal periods of Old Testament history with major historical events and the books of the Old Testament. (2014)

Judges-Ruth Handout is two-page handout that identifies the major blocks of text in Judges and Ruth and explains how those units combine to form a coherent whole. (2013)

Newspaper Text: Judges-Ruth (36" x 54" 2013)

Book of Mormon

Composition of the Gold Plates by Author is a single page pdf handout drawn to scale to reflect the size of each author's contribution both to the Book of Mormon text that is available today and to the overall content of the Gold Plates. The parallel relationships of Nephi to Jacob and of Mormon to Moroni are also reflected. Works well with this discussion of four Book of Mormon editors. (2016)

The Book of Mormon Outlined as Blocks of Text is a single page pdf handout that identifies the major blocks of text in the Book of Mormon. Works well with this discussion of unities that tie the entire Book of Mormon together as a single whole. (2016)

Book of Mormon Text by Year and Record Keepers is a single page pdf handout drawn to scale that shows the quantity of text dedicated to each historical period of Nephite history. Also identifies each record keeper and shows how the record remained within each family whose activities are discussed in the text. (2016)

Length of Text Relating to Each Generation in Ether is a single page pdf handout that identifies the quantity of text dedicated to each of the 30 generations identified in Ether. (2016)

Newspaper Text: First Nephi 1-15 (36" x 48" 2016); First Nephi 16-22 (36" x 24" 2016).

Doctrine & Covenants

Doctrine & Covenants Timeline is a single page pdf handout that correlates the principal periods of Church history to 1847 with major historical events and the sections that were recorded in each year. (2014)

Historical Context of the Doctrine & Covenants is a heavily researched book with extensive narrative quotations from original sources that explains every single section of the Doctrine & Covenants in light of its setting in church history. Volume 1 covers Sections 1-70 with 353 pages of text, 62 pages of footnotes, and a bibliography, exhaustive index, etc. (2011)

Annual Church History Calendars, 1820-1849 is a 30 page pdf file with one year per page showing days of the week.

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